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A World of Beauty and Grace: Islamic Architecture of India

The architecture of Islamic mosques and tombs is an invaluable treasure of world heritage. Many countries have taken inspiration from this tradition. It is well know that the most famous Islamic monument of the world, the Taj Mahal, is in India. What is not equally well known is that the second oldest mosque in the world is also in India, in Kerala. In fact, India has a vast and rich architectural heritage of Islam, from Kerala in the South till Kashmir in the North, from Tripura in the East till Gujarat in the West. This film by noted photographer Benoy Behl showcases how these monuments are a great treasure of India’s culture and how many of them are recognized as World Heritage Monuments. The confluence of local talent with inspirations from Iran, Arabia, and Central Asia has also been highlighted in this film. These mosques, tombs, madrassas, palaces and fortresses are a beautiful and unique treasure of the heritage of Islamic architecture.

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