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Al-Saleh Mosque in Yemen

The mosque has six minarets 100 meters high, in addition to a number of domes. The main dome is 28 meters in diameter and 22 meters high. The mosque and its accompanying buildings’ total area occupy 27300 sq. meters and 24 meters high. It can hold 44,000 worshipers, with a special women’s section. The mosque consists of a 13,596 sq. meter main hall.

It has 10 doors on the eastern and western sides, five doors on the southern side leading to the mosque’s rear courtyard, the Islamic sharia college’s courtyard, and in the ablution area. The mosques central roof’s area is covered with five domes four of them have 15.6 meter diameters, rising to 20.35 meters above the mosque’s roof. The central dome is 27.4 meters in diameter and its height is 39.6 meters above the mosque’s roof. The various Islamic and Yemeni architecture styles of were taken into account in the design of the walls and the roof decorations.

The mosque is equipped with modern central air conditioning and fire extinguishing systems. Architects say that most of the building materials used in the mosque’s construction are local materials. The Yemeni architecture and Islamic civilization’s styles used include numerous Quranic verses on the walls and sides of the mosque, creating a unique architectural masterpiece out of this mosque.

The architects also add that the mosque is equipped with modern sound and television transmission techniques, in addition a manuscripts library. The project also constitutes integrated services, car parking that can hold thousands of vehicles in addition to gardens and green courtyards that surround the mosque.

The mosque and its buildings were built of Yemeni stones with special Himiarite dimensions and at the highest international specifications.


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