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Dar al Hajar – The Rock House

There are a fair number of countries which can be identified by a single iconic landmark. When one thinks of France, the image of the Eiffel Tower often comes to mind. Dar al Hajar is that iconic symbol of Yemen.

Perched atop a rock pinnacle at the famous Wadi Dhahr Valley, it seems to grow out of the rocks on which it is constructed. It is located some 14 km (half an hour’s drive) from the capital Sana’a (Yemen). It was built in the 18th century by well-known scholar Ali bin Saleh Al-Amari (1736-1798), who was a cleric, scientist, poet, rhetorician, and intellectual with a vast knowledge and versatility. He was a master of geometry and astronomy, and served as a minister to Imam Al-Mahdi Abbas and his son Al-Mansour (1775-1809), who assigned him as Governor of Al-Raima and Al-Makha. He excelled in architectural engineering, which is still depicted in his masterwork, Dar Al-Hajar.

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