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Author: Bernard O'Kane

Bernard O'Kane is the Professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University in Cairo. He is currently working on two books, to be published by AUC Press, both aimed at the general public, rather than the scholarly few. The first is a guide to the Islamic Musuem in Cairo, which will incorporate some of the material from my previous publication, Treasures of Islamic Art in the Museums of Cairo, but will also include new photographs of items, including some that have not been published in colour before. The second is a book on the mosques of Egypt, in which I will be doing the photographs as well as the text. It will be a companion to The Churches of Egypt (already published by AUC Press). He was director of the project Documentation of the Inscriptions in the Historic Zone of Cairo, sponsored by the Egyptian Antiquities Program of the American Research Center in Cairo and by AUC.

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The Sasanian and early Islamic periods The dome on squinches first appeared in Persia in the Sasanian period in the palace at Fîrûzâbâd (q.v.) in Fârs and at nearby Qal´a-ye Dokhtar, both erected…

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