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Author: Emine Fetvaci

Professor Fetvaci received her Ph. D. in History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University in 2005. Her forthcoming book examines the crucial role played by illustrated histories in the formation of Ottoman identity and the shaping of social hierarchies at court during the sixteenth-century. She is interested in issues such as the codification of a historical record, the creation of collective memory, and the connections between artistic patronage and self-fashioning in early-modern courtly societies. Her research areas include the arts of the book in the Islamic world, and Ottoman, Mughal and Safavid art and architecture. She is currently working on a comparison of Ottoman and Mughal illustrated histories as well as a monograph on the albums of the Ottoman sultan Ahmed I.

Posts by Emine Fetvaci

The Suleymaniye Mosque - Walking Tour

The Suleymaniye Mosque – A Virtual Walking Tour

 This virtual tour is comprised of various spherical panoramic photographs that place you inside the image, as if you were standing in the place where the photo was made. Use your mouse to…

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