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Author: Janet Kozak

Janet Kozak, owner of JK Consulting, is an award-winning artist, designer, author, activist, and educator. Her artwork and interviews have been included in articles for the Huffington Post, Azizah Magazine, SISTERS Magazine, Reflect On This, Muslim Matters, Almas Magazine, Aquila Style and others. As a professional artist for the last 10 years she’s been featured in over 50 national and international exhibitions. Her original artworks are included in private collections in Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, Scotland, and the USA. When not art-making she can be found lending her talents, and consulting on projects, to variety of non-profit organizations.

Posts by Janet Kozak

Janet Kozak
INKMAN – Djerbahood Project (Djerba, Tunisia) [Photo Credit: Galerie Itinerrance / Aline Deschamps]

Calligraffiti Art

Calligraffiti, as some of these artists call it, is a unique blend of traditional scripts and designs mixed with modern materials and techniques.

Aniconism in Islamic Art

The great majority of visual Islamic Art and Architecture is devoid of the depiction of realistic human and animal figures. But why is this? Why and how does Islam promote aniconism?

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