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Author: John Feeney

John Feeney (August 10, 1922 - December 6, 2006) was a New Zealand-born director of documentary films. He worked with the New Zealand National Film Unit, National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and made films and did photography in Egypt. He was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Posts by John Feeney

Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Cairo – A City Adorned

From the late ninth century well into the 15th, mosques built as prestige projects were the most spectacular buildings in Cairo. Locals, pilgrims on their way to Makkah and even Christian pilgrims were…

Minarets of Cairo

The Minarets of Cairo

Nowhere in the Muslim world can you find such a profusion of domes and minarets as in Cairo. Rising from the haze of crowded, crumbling streets in the old, chaotic, yet picturesque medieval…

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