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Author: Jonathan M.Bloom

Professor Bloom teaches courses on the history of Islamic art and architecture. He also offers undergraduate seminars on such subjects as the arts of medieval Spain and the history of Cairo. His research has explored the history and development of the minaret, the history of paper, and the art of the Fatimid dynasty in North Africa and Egypt. He has written several books with Sheila S. Blair, his wife and co-holder of the Calderwood Chair, with whom he also served as principal consultant acclaimed documentary Islam: Empire of Faith, shown nationally on PBS. He is currently working on a revised edition of his book on minarets, a 2-hour documentary for PBS on the arts of Islam, and a 2013 exhibition at the McMullan Museum of Islamic art from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's binational team that carried out the conservation of the Kutubiyya minbar, art historian Jonathan M. Bloom is the lead author of The Minbar From the Kutubiyya Mosque (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1998, ISBN 0-87099-854-4), and author of numerous other books and articles. He lives in New Hampshire.

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Minbar (pulpit) formerly in the Qutubia mosque. From Cordoba, Spain, 1137, Almoravid period. Detail of the marquetry on the sides of the minbar. Cedar wood, ebony and ivory, H:3,86 m

The Masterpiece Minbar

Until relatively recent times, wooden furniture—in the sense of tables and chairs was little known in traditional Islamic societies. Throughout the warm and dry lands of North Africa, the Middle East, India and Central…

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