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Author: Marina Alin

Marina holds a Master of Art degree in Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts from The Prince's School of Traditional Arts (PSTA) in London. She does surface pattern design, ceramics. She teaches Islamic geometry and keeps exploring Islamic arts doing her own research. She is also involved in an outreach programme of PSTA.

Posts by Marina Alin


Unity in Diversity– Reflections on Styles in Islamic Art

It seems that Western art showed a variation in styles in its history, while Islamic art remained stable. The article shows that Islamic art was also driven by the spirit of change.

Shebeke from National museum of history of Azerbaijan in Baku

Wood, glass, geometry – stained glass in Iran and Azerbaijan

In this article I am sharing my experience of visiting traditional stained glass workshops in Iran and Azerbaijan. I am not aware if this kind of craft is unique for the region I…

Bowl, Binkat (modern Uzbekistan), 10th century, Samanid or Ghaznavid dynasty, Mardjani collection

Foliage motifs in Islamic art before Mongol invasion

In the middle of 13th century Mongols came to Eastern Iran. In 1256 they founded Ilkhanid dynasty that reigned in Iraq till 1340 and in Iran till 1353. In a field of art Mongol invasion brought Chinese influence to Islamic artistic tradition, Chinese way of floral motif depiction changed the face of Islamic art.

Baku - arabesque in stone

Baku – Arabesque in stone

Stone decoration of Baku architecture is superb. It is here when ancient craft of stone carving serves Islamic art showing the great level of craftsmanship and an elegance of artistic expression.

13. Pyxis, Cordova, Spain, 950-75 AD, Metropolitan Museum of Art.Tree of life composition

Biomorphic patterns in Islamic art – Tracing the origin

Islamic biomorphic patterns are usually called arabesques. The term ‘arabesque’ is relatively new; it came to Europe after Napoleon’s campaign in Africa. “In a broad sense of this term, the arabesque includes ornamentation…

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