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Author: Meg Andrews

Meg Andrews is a buyer of rare, unusual and interesting antique costumes and textiles and have been dealing for 25 years. Prior to this she established the Costume and Textile Department at Sotheby's. Her article chapter on Symbolism and Status - Costumes and Textiles from China and Japan was published in the Embroiders' Guild's book Treasures of the Embroider's Guild about their Far Eastern Collection, 1991. She has contributed chapters on Furnishing Textiles for the Regent Academy's, Regent Street book on Understanding Style from the Regency to the 1960's. Wrote regularly the Saleroom Column for Embroidery magazine for 13 years. She has also written articles on Chinese Insignia, Sleevebands and Manchu & Han Shoes for antique and embroidery magazines.

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Fig 2: Woven Kashmir pashmina shawl, c. 1820

Kashmir & Shawls of Paisley Design

Shawls of Paisley design were in fashion for nearly 100 years, from around 1780 until the 1870’s. During this time millions were woven, embroidered and printed in Kashmir, Persia, India, Russia, USA and…

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