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Author: Samina Qureshi

Samina Qureshi, the Henry R. Luce Professor in Family and Community at the University of Miami, is an educator, author, designer and artist who has devoted her career to exploring and demonstrating the importance of art and culture in educational, corporate and government environments. She is also a member of the steering committee of The Education for Family-Centered Community Development Initiative. Her experience in education has exposed her to students at the University of Miami, Harvard University, Boston University, and The Rhode Island School of Design. Samina Qureshi is the author of two award-winning books, Legacy of the Indus and Lahore—The City Within. Her photographs and paintings have been exhibited in London, Washington DC, Cambridge, and at Harvard University.

Posts by Samina Qureshi

Naulakha Pavilion and the Shish Mahal

The Citadel (Lahore Fort)

The Lahore Fort is one of the noblest structures of its kind in the world. Rising out of the northwest corner of the walled city, it has been a symbol of its earliest days.

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