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Author: Sonia Alexandrian

Sonia Alexandrian, was born in Iraq in 1952 where she took a BA in English Literature . In 1977 she moved to London for her postgraduate work in Arabic and English translation at Polytechnic of Central London, and has lived in the UK ever since. She has taken advantage of her fluency in English, Armenian, Arabic and Kurdish to have a diverse career in translation and journalism. Her most recent work has been in designing a lecture series on “ Tribal Social History in Arab Silver” which she will be giving at Leighton House Museum, London in April 2007. She has also translated into Arabic the work, “ A Treasure House of Arab and Islamic Heritage”, which gives an overview of fourteen thousand Arabic manuscripts held at the British Library. Previous to this she covered the entire ‘Arab World Education program’ at the British Museum on behalf of the Arabic Weekly/BBC Arabic magazine, ‘Al-mushahid Assiyassi’. Sonia’s interests have not only been confined to international affairs; she has also taken a keen interest in her local area, becoming a member of the Board of Trustees for Response Community Project in Earls Court, London, since 1993.

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