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Wooden Mosque, Ethiopia

Through the lens of Eric Lafforgue

Eric Lafforgue spends most of his time travelling the globe to share his encounters, through the perception of an ethnologist and the heart of an artist, privileging the regions or populations in danger…

Morocco, Fes, Medrassa Ben Youssef

Courtyards of Morocco

The ornate interiors and courtyards of Morocco.       Le Palais du Zahir marrakech architecture

King Hassan II Mosque

King Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco

The brainchild and crowning achievement of King Hassan II, this phenomenal building was built to commemorate the former king’s 60th birthday and opened in 1993 giving Casablanca the heart and landmark it so…

Zillij in Fez

Zillij is an Islamic art that is based on learning, discipline, and faith. The geometric patterns reflect the Islamic belief that life is ordered by cosmic intelligence, even if people cannot always understand…

Yaama Mosque (Yaama, Niger)

The mosque is located in the Sahel region of Niger where the economy is based on agricultural production. The construction is realized in the traditional banco technique. It is characterized by a central…

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