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Astrolabe of cUmar ibn Yusuf al-Muzaffari, Rasulid period (1228–1454), dated A.H. 690/A.D. 1291 Yemen. Invented in ancient Greece, the astrolabe is a sophisticated tool for observing the position of the stars. In early Islam, when scientific studies flourished, astrolabes were vastly improved and came to be used to determine the correct times for Muslim prayers as well. Through Islamic Spain, the astrolabe was introduced to Europe, and in the Middle Ages sailors, both Islamic and Christian, employed the device to stay the course of their sea routes.

Medieval Islamic World – Astronomy and Astrology

The Study of Astronomy During the medieval period, scientists in the Islamic worldmade many contributions to the field of astronomy. While their work was based on ancient sources from Greece, Iran, and India, they updated…

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