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The Islamic Legacy of Timbuktu

No word in English connotes remoteness more than Timbuktu. Thanks to the astonishing wealth that Mansa Musa had displayed on his visits to Cairo and Makkah, it also connoted riches. For eight centuries, Timbuktu…


Isphahan – the great world heritage

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Al-Hambra (Alhamra) Palace

Summarised extracts from a full article, see resources below, where a homogenous survey on the Architecture of Muslim Spain, end notes, references and bibliography are given. by: Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation….

Enduring Forms of Islamic Art: Calligraphy – An Islamic Heritage

By: Siddiqua Shahnawaz   Any architectural work has both a functional and an artistic dimension, which are : 1) An immediate physical context that determines the style, and 2) A wider social, cultural…

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