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The Mosque of Cordova

This article has been taken from the book “Arabian Antiquities of Spain” by Murphy, James Cavanah, 1760-1814 ,published in 1816. The text has been converted from scanned images using OCR software and may contain…

Al Khazneh (The Treasury) hewn into the sandstone cliff.

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – Architecture & History

Small country (88,946 square km) located at the east end of the Mediterranean, bordering Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Jordan can be divided into four main zones, each of which extends into…

History of the Nasrids of Granada

by Markus Hattstein   The last Islamic kingdom in Western Europe and the rise of the Nasrids The last Islamic kingdom in Western Europe, the Nasrid kingdom of Granada, has always fascinated historians…

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