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Ceramic Vessel Collection at LACMA

A collection of over 230 ceramic objects (vessels) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Vessel Greater Iran (Afghanistan) Vessel, 6th-8th century Ceramic; Vessel, Ceramic, Height: 6 5/16 in. (16 cm);…


Ceramic Tiles Collection at LACMA.

Tiles | Origin: Turkey, Iznik, Ottoman | Period: last quarter of the 16th century | Collection: The Phil Berg Collection (M.71.73.37a-b) | Type: Ceramic; Architectural element, Fritware, underglaze painted in red, blue, green…

Page from a Manuscript of the Quran (78:20-30)

LACMA Collection of Islamic Calligraphy

Calligraphic Artwork at LACMA. Click on any image for more details.  calligraphy artist in los angeles

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