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Design of Mosques and the problem of esthetics

The hegemonic dependence of many Muslims in Europe and America to their cultural origins and history is testimony to the problem of understanding the polemics of Muslim architectural esthetics in the West. Furthermore…


Sultan Ahmet Cami Mosque (Blue Mosque)

Commissioned by Sultan Ahmed (1606-1617), the mosque was built by Mehmet Agha who is said to have toured key Ottoman monuments before he drew the plan of the blue mosque[1]. This can be…

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Ibn Tulun Mosque

Ibn Tulun Mosque is the oldest best preserved mosque in Egypt. It is named after the Emir Ahmed Ibn Tulun, a soldier among the troops of Samara who was promoted to rule Egypt…

Islam The Empire Of Faith (The Real History Of Islam)

Islam: Empire Of Faith

This three-part series covers more than a thousand years of Islamic history and culture, with emphasis on the contributions that Muslims have made in science, medicine, art, philosophy, learning, and trade.   The…

Grand Mosque Shah Jehan, Thatta

The mosque, a heavy brick structure of simple construction built upon a stone plinth, with heavy square pillars and massive walls, is centered around a courtyard 169′ X 97′. The prayer chamber is…


Wonders of the Muslim World

A series of intimate, 10-minute portraits, explores the lives and beliefs of six young people whose usual places of worship are beautiful and historic mosques across the Muslim world. The films accompany them…

Islamic Art – a slideshow presentation

Islamic Art – a slideshow presentation

This is a show that was designed for a photo presentation in the Pennsylvania State University. The photos are from Uzbekistan, Samarkand and Bukhara. All of them represent some of the master pieces…

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