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Leaf from a Qur'an manuscript, late 9th–10th century, Possibly Syria, Ink, gold, and colors on vellum

Leaf from a Qur’an manuscript, late 9th–10th century

This page is from a dispersed manuscript, many folios of which once belonged to the scholar R. M. Riefstahl. The angular kufic script is moderated by the roundness of several letters that look…

Islamic Art from Iran, Egypt, Syria, Turkey & Spain

About Yoho Yoho Media is a UK-based film production company, making documentary films for clients around the world. Theye’ve embraced ‘new school’ digital film-making and love working with the Red and Canon 5D…

fig 2 The Islamic Citadel and the Roman Theatre in Busra

Islamic Citadel in Busra (Basra)

Dr. Eng. Najwa Othman, Architect and Historian, Aleppo-Syria Roads to Busra   This article is part of a series of field visits by our researchers to little known monuments and cities of Heritage….


The Courtyard Houses of Syria

1. Introduction Courtyard housing dates back to the beginning of the third millennium before common era when it appeared in the buildings of Bilad al-Sham and those of the region between the two…

Style in Islamic Art (750-1250 AD)

Abbasid Style The Abbasid style emerged in Iraq between 750 and 850, when the Abbasid dynasty was at the height of its power. The Abbasid caliphs constructed huge and lavishly decorated palaces at…

Islamic Calligraphy – 1250 to 1450 A.D.

  Written in a bold muhaqqaq script with the word Allah in gold, this page is from chapter three of the Koran (the House of Imran), verses 79 and 80. The passage stresses…

Early Medieval Dynasties in The West: Fatimids, Ayyubids

As Abbasid authority weakened, the Shi’ite Fatimid dynasty (909−1171)—claiming descent from Fatima, daughter of the Prophet and wife of Ali—rose to power in North Africa. They expanded into Egypt and Syria, and in…


An Italian Portrait of Mehmet–the Conqueror

Invented in Iraq in the ninth century, the luster technique enjoyed long and wide popularity. Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Islamic-controlled Spain all developed important centers for luster production—and so eventually did Renaissance Italy….


The beaker was probably made in Aleppo, Syria, but its fame occurred on English soil, where it had been taken by a returning Crusader. The quality of Syrian glass was renowned; in Europe…

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